Bank Job Career 2020

I want to say Bank Job Career 2020 my little daughter she wants to say hi see how to see in the beer she’s camera shy music good.

But um yeah so basically the purpose of this video was just to kind of tell you guys a little bit about my experience working. As a color for a big particularly at Bank of America. I’m not too sure if I’m I think I’m it’s okay for me to disclose that.

Bank Job Career 2020

But basically at Bank of America my experience has been amazing. I love this job, I love the company I work for I’ve been working with Bank of America for about going on two years.

Now so it hasn’t been too long but I feel like it’s a sufficient amount of time to know whether or not particular job or a company is good for you and I feel like this has been the best fit by far yeah.

So let’s jump intuit I know when I first started looking up stuff on YouTube for the interview process tips and tricks on what is work appropriate attire um just anything that you need to basically know about being atelier and what that job entails.


 I couldn’t really find much information online so I thought it was very crucial for me to put a video out there too even. If it’s two or three people that watch this at least you know I’m helping somebody kind of get a sense of what they’re going to be in for.

Because even though I do feel like this is a great fit for me a great job for me.

Bank Job Career 2020

It might not be for everybody so I feel like there are a couple of things that I didn’t know that I found out later on and there’s a couple things that.

I did know and was confirmed as you know I started my job so I just want to kind of give you guys a little bit of background before working at Bank of America.

 I dada little bit of telemarketing for accompany here in Maryland. I live in Maryland I did some telemarketing for a company accounting firm and basically.

We have to sell financial services and stuff like that over the phone to people in there so that was pretty much my only experience in sales so with that being said the first thing.

 I’m going to say is that working at a bank as a teller you are going to need to sell and I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that and a lot of people.

Bank Job Career in UK

probably do know that and they just think that it’s something that’s not going to really happen it happens and it’s necessary and know at my particular bank because.

What I will say is that being a teller the job itself varies from bank to bank you know I have a friend that works at completely different bank than.


I do infect sure she works at a credit union and when she tells me about her experience there and things like that.

 It helped me kind of understand the different you know so where I’m looking for the different policies and procedures that.

 you know different financial Institute’s follow not everywhere you work at a bank wise it was going to be like Bank of America so everything.

 I’m saying just keep in minds from my personal experience at Bank of America okay so with that being said when.

I actually first applied to be a bank teller I thought it was going to be a job where you just deal with cash it’s what I mean it is a lot of cash handling.

Bank Job Career in UK

 but I didn’t realize it’s going to be a lot of sales involved as well and that’s something that’s very crucial because at my particular bank we focus solely on the needs of our customers.

 so if you pull a customer into session and we have a you know computer that you’re using to type know their information in and pull up their profile.

 you see everything that you need to know about those so when you pull them into session and you see that there are ways that we can benefit the mind help them.

 not you know not just in a self sales type of manner but if you see that like let’s say they have an auto loan with us or they have a mortgage with us and you see that they’ve had it for a long period of time and their interest rate is ridiculously high and you know that you have a special promotion going on now on your rates.

Bank Job Career in World

 where they’re significantly low rum it’s a good idea to tell them about that because you could be potentially saving them money.

 so these are things that you know it’s viewed as just sales a sales pinch but you we don’t see it like that because we’re trying to find ways.

 that we can meet their needs ways that we can help them so it’s us telling them about their various products that.

 we have to help them right so you have to view it like that because there are allot of cases where I hear stories where people are just you know you throw in products left and right left and right and it’s not really to the benefit of the customer and at my particular bandit’s not like that.

 we always try to makesure that whatever it is we’re tellingyou or whatever it is we’re onquote-unquote offering or something thatis beneficial to you and if you’re notinterested you’re not interested we youknow completely forget about that and wego on with our day it’s not you knowsales sales sales isn’t everything themain focus should be the customer and from my personal experience.

Bank Job Career 2020

 I’ve actually I’m sorry this video is going to be really rambling because I can already see on the screen right now six minutes in and I’m still talking about sales so just bear with me you guys thesis my first and only video you know of course unless you guys have more questions or you want me to do it like follow-up video.

 that’s fine but this is my first and only video so I’m you know I’m new I don’t really know how YouTube works so bear with me.

 I just have to put this information out there for you guys because I feel like there’s somebody that can help yeah and that’s the main goal.

 the purpose of this okay so with that being said sales is crucial makesure that you’re keeping in mind the customers needs and I’ll make it a lot easier.

 for you to you know find find things to talk to them about because you can just go off of their profile and see what areas need work.


 I guess or what what areas your bank would have things to kind of meet their needs like products to meet their needs if you ‘reworking for a credit union and let’s say you see that your customer doesn’t haven auto loan and your credit union doesn’t offer auto loans which.

 I don’t think that would be the case I don’t really know much about credit unions or anything like that but if you work for accompany that doesn’t offer a particular product that you feel your customer needs obviously you’re not going to offer that and you know talk about that because.

Bank Job Career 2020

 you don’t you don’t want them to feel like their needs aren’t being met at your particular location or your bank right so just tyro see what you guys have and see what the customer needs and see.

 if you can you know convince them to take you guys up on that offer because a lot of times or most of the time it’s to help them and if it isn’t it should be okay.

 so that’s the main thing number one sales I didn’t know about the sales it was it’s huge deal and two customer service youknow just being happy to be at your place of work and I feel like that’s one thing.

 I’m so happy about is the fact that I found not only a job but accompany that I love and it’s not hard for me to go to work everyday.

 you know and that that’s a good thing so finding job that you genuinely like finding people that you generally get along with.

Because when you’re working in a field like this um being a bank teller or Justin general working at a bank you are codependent on everybody.

you work with when it comes to you know clothing opening unjust everything you have to remember you’re dealing with cash you’re dealing with money so a lot of times everything is going to be under dual control you.

now everything is going to so you have to get along with these people because at one point or another you are going toned each other and that comes down to even the platform associates and people working in banking like the actual bankers and you know the mortgage specialists.

They need you to help them so it’s kind of like it helped me help you type a situation so you definitely want to put up a you know put on a good face.

 but just not only for the look obit but also genuinely try to get to know the people you work with your customers you know especially regulars because these are people that can really make or break your experience there if there’s one person that you genuinely.

 don’t like but they’re regular and you see them althea time don’t try to avoid them or ignore them make sure that you have away to kind of build a relationship with them or change that experience to appositive and see if there’s a way you can kind of you know.

 get to know them better or see why it is that you guys aren’t getting along or if there’s something you did that you can you know force apologize for and then make amends because you want to makesure that.

 it’s an environment that’s healthy fun to go to every day and a great experience overalls yeah that would be the second one the first one is sales second one is customer service and I’m just saying these from the order that I’m thinking of them.

 but it’s not like the order of importance or anything like that it’s not in any particular order I’m just throwing it all out there um okay now what I will say when I first started working at Bank of America.

Future in Bank Job

Before getting into getting the job to begin with excuse me before I actually got the job the first thing I did was I researched online for big tellers and you know tips tricks for the interview process and I couldn’t find much information on it so what I ended up doing was just applying anyway because I knew that you know a bare minimum might be working at a bank or at a facility that is you know financial facility so I knew that and I knew I’d be dealing with cash so I felt like I knew the bare minimum and everything else.

I would learn in the training process that’s very true but what I will suggest is that if you have people in your life that you know that work at a bank or you know have an experience working at banks or anything like that or even being atelier.

Talk to them about it and get experience get some firsthand not firsthand but get information from people who’ve experienced it because it’s completely different than when you just you know look up something online you know and I’m saying this now when this is a video online that you guys are looking up but I mean I guess you can consider this first-hand experience. I actually experienced it too so I’ll bathe friend telling you about my experience but yeah.

So pretty much that’s that I think that you know it’s really important to kind of get as much information as you can beforehand that way when you go into the interview process you they’ll be able to tell that you’ve done your research you know find out about your particular bank because being a bank teller it varies like I mentioned it’s not the same everywhere so just know that you  know they want.

To know that you’ve done your research they want to know that you’re well-informed for the most part amend that you know you have a reason as to why you’re applying to this particular bank and not any other banks I applied to Bank of America I had an amazing interview process and it was great the lady asked I could tell that she was very serious about finding somebody for that position and not only finding someone.

But finding the right person so I tried to go out of my way to make sure that I was very work appropriate my attire was work appropriate I’m at home I’m getting ready to go out so this does not reflect what I’m discussing right now like I’m getting ready to go out with some friends so I’m not this is not a workday I’m actually on vacation this week so ignore that but uh but yeah so I actually you know I had a business suitor I had a button-up some flags I had mohair up in a ponytail all out of my face and then I had a different hairstyle anyway so you know find out if your banks very strict in terms of like hairstyles and things like that at Bank of America they’re very.

They promote individuality and they do want you to be yourself but like at the same time you know even though you do have the freedom to do that you still want to be very professional you want to make sure that you know you are being professional.

But not what’s that worth sacrificing your individuality at the same time if that makes sense so um yeah so I want you know I wore button-up sand flats and so I would suggest if you want to wear flats wear flats my particular branch the one that I ended up working at we wore heels all the time the first the first location I was because I ended un moving around but the first location I was I they wore heels all the time so I wore heels as well and I wore comfortable heels I actually wore.

A pair of Clark pumps and if you guys know Clark you know that they’re very comfortable heels and they’re kind of they’re actually designed for the workplace for women who work long hours so that your feet don’t get tired and yeah so that’s what I ended up wearing on my feet I had like little folder where.

Some papers inky resume and things like that even though I did submit all of that online Instill brought a couple hard copies in case they wanted to go over something’s I would be prepared so just like little things like that just try to gout of your way to be prepared and you know expect the unexpected so I did allot of research online about Bank of America and things like that so that if she would ask me certain questions pertaining to that particular Bank I’d be able to answer them you know accordingly so that was great and then what ended up happening was that.

I ended up finding I’m sorry she keeps jumping on the couch and we have pillows here and she keeps trying to chew the pillows up so yeah and I’m actually my mom’s office and she you know I don’t want hereto turn up turn up anything here so yahoo sorry for getting distracted.

Bank Job Career 2020

Keep doing distracted goods since of that where was okay so when we started the interview process it was very it was actually pretty fast the lady that interviewed me asked me bunch of question pertaining to you know my experiences in the past and how do I feel like they shaped me molded me to be Who I am today and how do I think that that would play a role in me being aback teller and what do I think possess that would be an asset to working at Bank of America and I felt like I answered pretty well you know inane case.

We up getting the job so I think that she felt that way as well so that was phenomenal was great and it was quick as soon as you know I got the call that I got the job I started working February 16th a couple days right after Valentine’s Day and the training was phenomenal everything was you know obviously on the computer and then after that you start working time to tell at line.

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