Journalism vs Social Media 2020

Hello, friends Four prominent news channels (Journalism vs Social Media 2020) of our country – Zee News, Ajar Take, India TV and News India You might have noticed that. They are always at the top in Trophy broadcast a prime time debate every evening in which. They raise an issue and debate on tided like, to show you an analysis on their debates.

The debates on Zee News are called, “Tail took devout of the last 50 debates. On Zee News, they attacked Pakistan in 12 of them. They criticized the opposition in 19 of them, praised Mode in 13, raised the Ram Mender issue in 4(They) raised. The PMC bank issue in 1 and talked about Bihar floods in another One. So, if you look at the analysis, you will notice that out of 50 debates.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Journalism

They have talked about matters of importance in only two of them. They have raised issues that are actual ones and the ones that affect the public ( only in two of them) Going ahead. India TV News debates are called “kurukshetra”Out of the last 53 debates. They have attacked Pakistan in the last 30 of them.

Attacked opposition in 11,praised Mode in 11 and talked about the Chandrayaan mission in one. So out of 53, matters of importance were raised in only one. The debates on News 18 are conducted by my dear friend, Amish Devgan. You would see the same story in these debates too Attacks on Pakistan in Eighteen.

Attacks on opposition in 25, praising Mode in Seven. And Ram mender in 5 Amish Divan has raised an issue of importance in not even. One of these debates The debates in Ajar Take are conducted by Remit Sardine- the story remains.

the proliferation of news sources in recent years

The same there too But his strike rate is slightly better Out of the last 44 debates. He has raised an issue of importance in 4 of them In general, the same story prevails in. All these top news channels They are more interested in Pakistan as compared to what’s happening in India Questions ought.

To be raised after this video surfaced What do we do and what do we say? This analysis was done in the past 30 days So think about the issues that arose.

In the past 30 days that were of actual importance Hunger index was released. That displayed the amount of malnutrition in India. Economic crisis surfaced, an unemployment report also surfaced. That stated that in Haryana. When compared to the rest of the states in India, unemployment rate is the highest There were elections too in Haryana.

social media negative effects

But did the news channels raise this issue? No they didn’t. The job of the media is to give a voice to the public. To raise a voice for the publican help it reach the government. (Its job is) not to raise their voice for the government and brain wash the public.

Look at what happens to the journalists who raise their voices. For the public and give a voice to them September 2019.

A journalist showed how the children in a school of Uttar Pradesh were being served rotes with salt. As a part of the mid day meal. That is, they were not being served proper food. In response, the police booked the journalists on charges of criminal conspiracy. And the UP CM, Yogi Adityanath says, that there will be proceedings against the journalist. They don’t intend on fixing the school, instead they are after the one who has raised the issue, June 2019. A journalist was doing a story on train derailment in Uttar Pradesh. Police arrested the journalist, he was urinated upon, he was kept in a lock upend he was thrashed.

While he was kept in the lock up just because he was exposing how train derailments happen.

Social Media and Depression

This is the truth of today’s times in our country. The government has consolidated a strong control over the media, especially the TV media. But there is a ray of hope visible on the internet.

People like you and me raise their voices on the internet freely. There are a lot of online publications and journalists on the internet.

That are able to report freely So the question that arises here is. Would it be possible for the government to assume the same kind of control over the internet too? If it indeed is possible what could be the solutions for it? What could you and I do to save ourselves?

I’d like to explain you with the help of China. There is a massive internet censorship in China. In fact report of 2017 stated that China is the world’s worst country.

In matters of internet freedom Their censorship is named as the. Great Firewall of China in which website Google, Face book and YouTube are banned. China has made clones of its own of these websites. You cannot criticize the government on their website.

Positive Effects of Social Media

They have blocked certain keywords If you make use of words. In which the government is being criticized they would automatically get blocked from their social media channels.

The police could even be sent after you Some years ago. Someone had made a meme comparing the Chinese President Winnie the Pooh.

You might know Winnie-the-Pooh- it is a very famous animated cartoon. Characters what the government did in response. When this meme went viral The government banned this cartoon character altogether.

You can imagine- they went to the extent of banning the entire cartoon character from their country.

This is still comedy Talking about serious issues, the Chinese government erases its history.

It changes its history to brainwash its citizens. The Chinese Google is Badu If you try searching 1989 Tiananmen Square protests on Badu.

Journalism vs Social Media 2020

You would get nothing If you search the same thing on Google. Then you’d get the entire story of the protest.

The Chinese government does not want the public to know about these protests. It wants to conceal this from its public because these protests were regarding democracy.

So the Chinese government does not want protests related to democracy. To take place ever or that the people raise their voices for their rights.

The Chinese government has put in place a team of thousands and laths of people. Whose sole task is to monitor 24/7 and find out.

Who is speaking against them on the internet that need to be blocked and their voices.

Need to be muzzled So basically, it works like an IT cell.

The Chinese government has put in place a large team like this over the internet.

This censorship has a detrimental effect on China as well as the Chinese government. Think about it, if the people living there are unable to access the internet of the rest of the world. They would not be able to gauge the things in the rest of the world.

Journalism vs Social Media 2020

The scientists there would not be able to access the innovations. And research taking place in the rest of the world. The businessmen residing there would not be able to see the ideas of the outside. World or even take inspiration from them.

So innovation reduces drastically in China due to this This might be the reason behind (as you might have noticed). There are a lot of Western companies. Like Microsoft and Google, that have Indian Crosscut have you ever heard of a western company. That has a Chinese Clothe reason behind internet censorship, in most cases across the world, is a cowardly government.

You can see this happen in every country At one time. BBC was banned in Iran Then BBC is banned in Burundi, Rwanda, China. Because they all state that somewhere our country is being spoken against.

The reason stated is that anti national things are being said But in reality. The reason remains that it is the government. Which is being spoken again stand being criticized.

These cowardly governments do not want criticism against themselves Jazzier was banned in Pakistan.

The reason being the same: Al Jazzier was giving coverage to the opposition politicians.

The Saudi government has clearly stated that for making fun of (the government) or posting satire on social media.

You could be sent to jail. Let us look at what the story in India is Situations in India are obviously.

Not bad to this extent But I’d not want to wait till the day situations get this bad. Some incidents like these have have in India. For example, in April 2019, A lot of people reported that. Their internet service providers are randomly blocking websites like, Reedit, Telegram and sound clouds.

Journalism vs Social Media 2020

Without stating anything or giving a prior notification. They have suddenly blocked these sites When asked for a reason, none was stated.

But some days later, (the websites) were unblocked June 2019. Our government told Whatsapp to make its messages traceable. So that it could be found out who originally started the message. That was being forwarded Obviously, Whatsapp refused to do so because it has end to end encryption.

Nobody can read these messages in Whatsapp. Neither the companies outside, nor Whatsapp itself. But the Indian government wanted it done. Because it said that it wanted to reduce “fake news “Someone go tell the government. Their own It cell spreads the most fake news and it (the government) is stating fake news as the reason.

How could the government actually have benefited having done this? It would become easier to nab journalists like the ones who are exposing the mid day meal scams. If someone is writing against the government, or raising questions to it. Then it would become easier for the government to nab them.

So how does one save oneself from all of this? There is a simple way to keep the internet free and the websites unblocked. And to protect your privacy VPN and Torc browser Upon seeing your IP address.

Your location is found out, websites get blocked for you and targeted ads are sent have. Talked about targeted ads in this video that you can watch if you want to know more.

Journalism vs Social Media 2020

The VPN and Tor browser do the task of concealing the IP address. It is slightly difficult to use the Tor Browser but it is completely free.

The website for Tor browser (is this) as you can see. You can go and download it free from this website Your identity basically remains hidden on this browser.

Using VPN is easier and you’d get protection at more places or browser is merely. A browser- like Google Chrome or Safaris it will keep you secure. If you go to a website on the browser. But if you have the VPN App installed in your phone.

Then whatever internet related functions you use on it for example, Whatsapp or other any other upon them also.

VPN would keep you protected and your IP address hidden. When you use a VPN, then your internet service provider knows.

That you are using a VPN But nothing can be found out further after that. What websites you are accessing or what messages you are sending cannot be found output all these things.

Social Media VS Journalism 2020

Which itself does sell your data Keep this in mind when you are using free VPNs. Because the free ones generally sell your data because they too. Need to earn profit. But there are definitely some uses of free Venin you need to use VPN to merely access a blocked website.

Then to is okay to use a free VPN. As long as you are not giving any personal data thereof you are not exchanging any data while using it. Then it is okay Here I’d like to recommend a VPN that. I have been using personally since a long time Its name is Nord VPN.

There are a lot of benefits of it. I feel its number one benefit is that it is a paid service that is based in the country Panama. There it does not collect any of your data. This company will not leak out your data under pressure from any government. It has thousands of servers in more than 60 different countries. This is one of the few VPNs that can even bypass the great Firewall of China.

The Washington Post

Feel like this too is a huge achievement because most of the VPNs cannot bypass it. Because China itself keeps trying to block Vansant with the sponsorship of Nord video. I have brought a special offer for you in this video if you want to use it. Go to and you will get a 70% discount on its 3 year plan Plus. You will get to use VPN for free for a month. You can use it free for a month and see. It has an ions app and an android papist can even run on any computer. Use it and keep it if you like it If you don’t like it. Then there is a 30 day money back guarantee by them. You can get your money back from them.

Not only will it protect your privacy and save you from hackers. But even in the future, if our government blocks any website. Then you can use it to bypass that and visit the website. If our government wants to change history in the future. Then you can access that too through free internet and find out the real truth. Would recommend this especially for journalists, activists and whistle blowers don’t want that incidents like the one in Uttar Pradesh. Happen again in our country. So if you are a journalist, activist or a  whistle blower. If you are trying to expose a scam of the government, then make use of VPNs in your phones. It will provide you enhanced protection hope you would have liked this Article. Share it.

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